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Ambassadors visit to learn more about the creative and innovative projects of Daegu City
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Ambassadors introduced to Daegu City’s future industries and ICT and tour Daegu’s modern culture alleys



Twenty ambassadors based in Korea representing 14 countries including Russia and Colombia recently visited Daegu, a city that has economically and culturally driven the modernization of Korea.


○ The ambassadors’ visit was arranged at the request of the Ministry of the Interior as part of the third Good Governance Series in Korea. The series is aimed at introducing and promoting the Smart City Disaster Recovery System Master Plan Project that Daegu City is currently operating in Da Nang, Vietnam.

○ The “Good Governance Series in Korea,” which marked its third anniversary this year, was initiated upon the request of ambassadors in Korea who wanted to benchmark Korea’s exemplary public administration practices, and has been hosted by the Ministry of the Interior since 2016. Through the event series, ambassadors visit cities and local governments to learn more about Korea’s best policies and systems. This year the event was held October 12 and 13 at Daegu Metropolitan City.

○ Daegu City presented visiting ambassadors with information detailing Daegu’s transformation from a city known for its textile and fashion industries to an eco-friendly high-tech city, its vision of becoming a hub for innovative automobile and water industries, and its future image of growth in connection with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

○ Furthermore, Daegu City shared with its visitors its efforts towards the globalization of its clean energy and medical industries. Daegu City, the first major city to be founded outside the Seoul metropolitan area, has drawn over 20,000 medical tourists and continues to flourish as a major global medical city.

○ The city also introduced the ambassadors to its Smart City Disaster Recovery System Master Plan Project, which is currently underway in Da Nang, Vietnam. The project is aimed, in part, at further publicizing the city’s excellence and expertise in urban emergency response through informatization.

○ Following the official presentations, the ambassadors visited Daegu City, which has played a key role in Korea’s story of modernization, and toured major attractions such as Cheongna Hill, the old houses of Lee Sang-hwa and Seo Sang-don, and the modern alleys in Jung-gu. The tour highlighted the history and old stories of the city and emphasized the role these stories played in the nation’s modernization.

○ Kim Seung-su, Vice Mayor for Administrative Affairs for the Daegu Metropolitan Government said of the visit and program, “I sincerely hope we can promote exchanges with participating countries and introduce and disseminate Daegu City’s excellent local administrative capabilities overseas.”