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Enjoy the romantic spirit of autumn in Daegu City Center!
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Introducing autumn trails easily accessible from Daegu City Center (22 locations, 57.8)


○ Autumn drives: Palgongsan Mountain (Palgong-ro, Palgongsan Circular Road)

○ Mountain climbing: Apsan Park (Gosangol, Keungol, Jarak-gil), Palgongsan (Gatbawi Rock)

○ Family picnic and dating courses: Daegu Stadium, Daegu Arboretum, Duryu Park (8 locations)

○ Downtown trails: Gukchaebosang Movement Memorial Park (4 locations)

○ City streets: four locations including Sanghwa-ro

Daegu’s fall foliage is typically at its most beautiful from late October to November.

○ According to weather analyses, Palgongsan Mountain’s autumn leaves typically begin showing their colors starting from October 18 and reach their peak around October 28.

○ For the convenience of local hikers, Daegu Metropolitan City has designated several trail locations and courses “Autumn Trails of Memories”. These trails are not only easily accessible from Daegu City Center, but are also some of the best trails for hikers hoping to enjoy Daegu’s colorful autumn scenery. On some routes, fallen leaves have been left carpeting the trail, allowing hikers to take a romantic walk through the crunchy leaves.


<Autumn Trail of Memories– Flowering Cherry Trees Along Palgongsan Circular Road>


○ Recommended fall courses for driving down colorful maple- and ginkgo-lined streets include Palgong-ro of the Palgongsan Mountain Course (Gongsan Dam ~ Gongsan Tunnel ~ Baegan Three-way Intersection ~ Dohakgyo Bridge) and the Palgongsan Circular Road Course (Palgong CC Three-way Intersection ~ Pagyesa Three-way Intersection). For those who would rather explore on foot, Olle-gil Trail of Palgongsan Mountain and Gatbawi Rock Trail are some of the area’s best trails. Fall visitors also have the added bonus of being able to enjoy the Palgongsan Autumn Leaves Festival, held in the Donghwa Collective Facilities District from October 27 to 31.

Directions: Daegu International Airport→ Daegu Esiapolis→ Baegan Three-way Intersection→ Donghwa Collective Facilities District→ Pagyesa Three-way Intersection

- Bus stops: Bangjja Brassware Museum, Donghwa Collective Facilities District (last stop)–Bus No. Express 1, Palgong 1, & Palgong 3; Pagyesa Temple Entrance, Sutaegol–Bus No. Palgong 3; Gatbawi Collective Facilities District –Bus No. 401, Palgong 2, & Palgong 3

○ If Palgongsan Mountain seems a little too far away, or if you’re looking for a leisurely mountain trail you can hike with the kids, head on over to Apsan Jarak-gil. The Apsan Jarak-gil Trail runs along the foot of Apsan Mountain to Gosangol (Bongdeok-dong, Nam-gu) and Dalbigol (Sangin-dong, Dalseo-gu). This gently sloping trail is ideal for children and beginner hikers. For a stunning panoramic view of Daegu City, hop aboard the cable car at Keungol in Apsan and ride all the way up to the Apsan Observatory.

Directions: Sincheon-daero→ Sangdonggyo Bridge→ Apsan Circular Road→ Apsan Park Office

- Bus stops: Apsan Park Office, Physical Training Site Entrance–Bus No. 410-1, Namgu 1, & Namgu 1-1; Daedeok Restaurant–Bus No. 410-1, Dalseo 4, & Dalseo 4-1; Youth Training Center, Daedeok Horse Riding Course–Bus No. Dalseo 4-1; Sangin Jangmi Apt (Dalbi-gol)–Bus No. 356, 653, 706, Dalseo 1, & Dalseo 3

○ For hiking and picnicking with family or friends, visit the Daegu Stadium, Daegu Arboretum, Duryu Park, or Apsan Café Street.


<Autumn Trails of Memories–Flowering Cherry Trees West of Daegu Stadium>


- World Cup Street (World Cup Three-way Intersection ~ Daegu Stadium Entrance), Universiade Street (Beoman Three-way Intersection ~ Gyeongsan City Boundary), and the plaza west of Daegu Stadium (outdoor performance stage ~ hiking trail) are great places to have a picnic with the kids or take a leisurely stroll through natural tunnels of Zelkova and Flowering Cherry trees. The Daegu Art Museum is also located nearby.

Directions: Manchon Station→ Grand Park Station→ Suseong IC Three-Way Intersection→ Daegu Stadium

- Bus stops: Daegu Stadium–Bus No. 403, 609, & 939; Daegu Art Museum–Bus No. Suseong 3-1; Daegu Agricultural Meister High School (rear gate)–Bus No. 403, 609, 849-1, & 939

- Metro stations: Grand Park Station, Gosan Station (Daegu Metro Line No. 2)


<Autumn Trails of Memories–Daegu Arboretum Deck Road>


- With its stunning variety of trees and other plants, it’s no wonder that Daegu Arboretum is one of the area’s best places to enjoy the fall foliage! From the arboretum entrance, take Deck Road to Fruit Tree Garden or Barefoot Trail to Fern Garden for a look at the local flora that you won’t soon forget. While at the arboretum, be sure to check out the Traditional Garden showcasing Korea’s traditional scenic landscaping—a sight that is rarely seen in the center of a large city. To further enhance your trip, plan your visit to coincide with the Daegu Arboretum Chrysanthemum Exhibition, held from October 28 to November 12.

Directions: Yucheongyo Bridge→ Sanghwa-ro→ Daegu Arboretum, Apsan Circular Road→ Sanghwa-ro→ Daegu Arboretum

- Bus stops: Daegu Government Complex– Bus No. Dalseo 3; Daejin Middle and High School–Bus No. Dalseo 3 & Dalseo 5

- Metro stations: Daegok Station (Daegu Metro Line No. 1)


<Autumn Trails of Memories–Zelkova Trees in Duryu Park>


- In Duryu Park, a tunnel of Zelkova and maple trees line the Outdoor Concert Garden, making the park an ideal place for taking a walk with family or friends. Simply take a seat and relax in the Outdoor Concert Garden, or stroll, jog, or bike along the path circling the park (3km long) to drink in the beauty of the fall scenery.

Location: Seongdangmot Station→ Duryu Park Intersection→ Duryu Park, Duryu Station→ Duryu Park

- Bus stops: Duryu Library, Duryu Park Intersection–Bus No. 503, 623, & Circulation 3-1; Duryu Swimming Pool, Culture and Arts Center–Bus No. 609, 618, 650, 706, 805, 836, & Namgu1-1; Duryu Park (Outdoor Concert Garden)–Bus No. 653

- Metro stations: Seongdangmot Station (Daegu Metro Line No. 1), Duryu Station (Daegu Metro Line No. 2)


<Autumn Trails of Memories–Tunnel of Autumn Foliage, Gukchaebosang Movement Memorial Park >


In Daegu City Center, the spirit of autumn is almost tangible. In fact, you will often see citizens enjoying the crisp fall weather as they take a walk or relax on the benches at Gukchaebosang Movement Memorial Park, Feb 28 Jungang Memorial Park, Gyeongsanggamyeoung Park, or Dalseong Park. For a quick and easy way to visit all of these scenic parks, simply take a ride on the city tour operated by the Daegu Infrastructure Corporation, as each of these parks is included on the tour route.

○ Other favorites spots that many locals visit to bask in the autumn sun include Deck Road of Dalseo-gu Sanghwa-ro, Metasequoia Trail of Hosan-dong, Buk-gu Daehak-ro, and Suseong-gu Yonghak-ro.

○ Recognizing the beauty and importance of fall in Daegu, Director General Sin Gyeong-seop of the Green Environment Bureau of the Daegu Metropolitan Governments said, "Daegu City has selected autumn trails in City Center where citizens can appreciate the fall colors, tread on fallen leaves, enjoy the romantic fall ambiance, and create memories to last a lifetime.”