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All of Daegu’s human cultural assets in one place!
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대구시 ( T. 120)

The 2017 Daegu Intangible Cultural Property Festival to begin at Daegu Arts Center October 10

From October 10 through 15, the 2017 Daegu Intangible Cultural Property Festival will take place at the Daegu Arts Center, featuring artwork and performances by the possessors and initiates of 18 intangible cultural properties of Daegu Metropolitan City.


m The Daegu Intangible Cultural Property Festival, in its 15th run this year, will begin on October 10 with a pre-ceremony performance at 3 pm (City and province-designated Intangible Cultural Property no. 19 [Eastern Folk Songs of Korea] and no. 2 [Nalmoebukchum]) followed by a tape cutting and opening ceremony at 4 pm.

m The festival, which offers a bird’s-eye view of the current status of the preservation and transmission of Daegu’s intangible cultural properties, will include all 18 properties (six crafts, 12 performing arts). The craft properties will be featured in the form of artwork in Daegu Art Center’s Exhibition Halls 1~3, while the performing arts properties will take place in the Performance Center across from the Exhibition Hall area.

m From October 10 through 15, over 100 pieces of art by the possessors and initiates of Daegu’s six city-designated craft properties (Hahyangju, Daegojang, Sanggam Ipsajang, Dancheongjang, Mopiljang, Changhojang) will be on display in Exhibition Halls 1~3. Visitors will be able to hear explanations about each piece from their possessors as well as learn about their creation.

m On Saturday, October 14 and Sunday October 15, the 12 performing arts properties can be seen. Renditions of Dalseong Habindeulsori and Wooksu Nongak and performances of Salpuri-chum (Korean shamanic dance), Youngje Sijo, and pansori (performed by Lee Myeong-hee) will be given in the Performance Center from 3:30 to 6:20 pm.

m On October 15, performances of Cheonwang Megi, Gongsan Nongyo, Gosan Nongak and Jeongsosan Sugeomchum, gagok and pansori (performed by Ju Un-sook) will be given in the Performance Center from 3:00 to 6:20 pm. In the event of rain, the performances will be held at Biseul Hall.

m For the duration of the festival, hands-on events will be open to the general public from 2-5 pm every day at Exhibition Hall 2 and the Performance Center. Visitors can come and experience these intangible cultural properties up close and first-hand—a rare opportunity that is normally not available.

m Hands-on events will be held for the craft properties (Dancheongjang, Mopiljang [brush maker], Hahyangju, Changhojang [maker of window frames], Daegojang [maker of the daego drum], Sanggam Ipsajang [maker of metal inlay]), while short lessons on the performing arts properties (Gongsan Nongyo, Gosan Nongak, Nalmoebukchum [drum dance], etc.) will be held from October 11-13 to offer visitors a short but memorable experience of traditional Korean music and dance.

Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin stated, “I sincerely hope that this opportunity to see exquisitely-crafted artwork by master artisans and music performances imbued with the spirit of our ancestors will bring Daegu citizens closer to their traditional local culture and enhance people’s appreciation of Korea’s traditional fine arts.”