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Medicity Daegu pioneers a “Medical Road” along the Silk Road
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Daegu enhances brand awareness of Medicity Daegu by sending 61 representatives from five health/medical organizations to Kyrgyzstan, where they provided medical treatment to over 4,000 local residents.

From July 15 to 21, a delegation that included Daegu’s Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs Kim Yeon-chang, President Cha Soon-do of the Medicity Daegu Council, and 61 representatives from the city’s five health/medical organizations (doctors’ association, dentists’ association, association of doctors of Oriental medicine, pharmacists’ association, and nurses’ association) visited Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to provide medical services for local communities and host a medical tourism meeting. The delegation enhanced local brand awareness of Medicity Daegu and explored diverse plans for medical service-related exchange and cooperation activities.


     Overseas medical community service trips are conducted by the Medicity Daegu Council with the aim of promoting the Medicity Daegu brand around the world. This year’s trip to Kyrgyzstan was the council’s fourth overseas community service activity. In 2014, it sent a delegation to Nepal; in 2015, Vietnam; and in 2016, Kazakhstan.

     This year’s trip to Kyrgyzstan, which was conducted from July 17 to 19, involved the participation of 61 individuals from Daegu’s five health/medical organizations. The delegation visited five hospitals in Kyrgyzstan, including Osh City Hospital, where it provided diagnostic and treatment services for over 4,000 patients and conducted classes on personal health.

     To maximize the number of patients they treated, the delegation members committed themselves solely to treating patients for the three days they spent in Kyrgyzstan, subsisting on packaged meals for the duration of their stay. The concerted efforts of the delegation were lauded by the local press. During their time there, the delegation was particularly disheartened by the lack of medical diagnostic services for the many patients with serious health problems that required treatment at a neurosurgery department due to the lack of surgical facilities. Regarding dermatology, the delegation’s cooperation with local medical staff resulted in a surgery being conducted at the hospital to treat a case of early-stage skin cancer. As many local residents have made requests to receive medical treatment in Daegu, Daegu medical institutions are currently negotiating terms with relevant Kyrgyzstani hospitals. Of these residents, one who is currently struggling with difficult financial circumstances is scheduled to be treated in Daegu free of charge. (Please see attachment for treatment details per institution.)

     In addition, a six-member delegation representing Daegu Metropolitan City, including Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs Kim Yeon-chang, President Cha Soon-do of the Medicity Daegu Council, Medical Tourism Consultant Kim Gyeong-ho (former Korean Minister to Russia and Uzbekistan), and General Manager Kim Dae-young of Daegu City Hall’s Medical Hub Division, traveled to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on July 18 for two days after the medical community service trip to Kyrgyzstan. While in the city, the delegation engaged in promotional efforts to spread awareness of Daegu’s medical tourism resources.

     Held on July 18 at Lotte City Hotel Tashkent Palace, the medical tourism meeting (the first such meeting ever held by Daegu overseas), was attended by 30 people, including local medical personnel and representatives from over 10 medical tourism-related companies, indicating high levels of local interest in medical tourism to Daegu. In addition, press coverage was provided by the Uzbek national broadcaster UZB 1TV and Koryeo News, including televised interviews of Vice Mayor Kim and other members of the Daegu delegation.

     The delegation also visited the Republican Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Care in Tashkent with Uzbek Health Minister Alisher Shadmanov, after which a meeting was held to discuss ways in which Daegu and Uzbekistan can cooperate on health and medical issues. At the meeting, Health Minister Shadmanov said, “We are deeply impressed by Daegu’s outstanding medical system. We would therefore like to engage in exchanges with Daegu in the areas of medical tourism, doctor training, hospital establishment, investment in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and medical data systems. We would be interested in signing contracts regarding such exchanges when President Mirziyoyev makes his state visit to Korea in the latter half of the year.” 

     Park Seong-min, head of the Medicity Daegu Medical Community Service Delegation, said, “Despite some difficulties, this trip was highly successful thanks to the devoted cooperation of all five medical organizations and left a lasting impression of Medicity Daegu on the people of both countries we visited. I would like to sincerely thank each and every member of our delegation for volunteering to take part in this effort to share and spread Medicity Daegu’s medical services, and I hope that future activities like this trip contribute to the promotion of Medicity Daegu around the world.”

     Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs Kim Yeon-chang said, “The medical community service trip to Kyrgyzstan and visit to Uzbekistan were conducted for the purpose of putting into practice the humanitarian spirit through volunteer medical activity and diversifying Korea’s medical tourism industry through the promotion of the Medicity Daegu brand. Our visit to this area of the world was an invaluable opportunity to promote Daegu’s medical resources in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and has great potential to open up new opportunities for increased exchange in the medical sector and attracting more medical tourists to Daegu from CIS countries.”