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Safety Theme Park to Open Renovated Facilities
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The Safety Theme Park operated by the Daegu Metropolitan City Fire Department unveiled its renovated Earthquake Experience Zone and 4D theater to the public on December 13. The park has just completed the renovating of outdated facilities and has upgraded many of its programs, enabling citizens to enjoy an even more vivid experience at the park.

Director of Daegu Metropolitan City Fire Department

Major renovations at the park include the following:
○ The Earthquake Experience Zone, set against the backdrop of a book café, has been upgraded from a 4 DOF motion simulator to a 6 DOF motion simulator and now screens earthquake-related window type and TV type images so that visitors can have a more vivid earthquake experience.
※ Window type: images of fire and smoke; TV type: images of “breaking news” about the “earthquake”

○ An earthquake simulator has also been installed, which reproduces the tremor of buildings according to the earthquake’s magnitude (3-7), to provide realistic visuals.
※ Simulator specifications: 2m wide x 1.5m deep x 0.8m high

○ In order to refurbish outdated facilities and strengthen its competitiveness against other experience theme parks, the Safety Theme Park has also replaced its 3D theater with a 4D theater.
※ Five high-quality storytelling videos are available for purchase.

○ The Safety Theme Park also worked hard this year to develop new and improved experience programs and content. This hard work was especially evident when results of a survey conducted in the beginning half of the year showed that 96.5% of visitors were satisfied with the park’s programs.
※ The park also operates customized experience programs
- Programs tailored for seniors, alternative programs for civil defense drills, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) program, nighttime experience, film screening, art hall, and more

○”Safety is a learned habit, and the purpose of the park’s programs is to allow visitors to see, hear, and feel some of what firefighters experience when providing disaster relief,” said Nam Wha-young, the director of the Daegu Metropolitan City Fire Department. “Safety training is life training and survival training, and this is what the Safety Theme Park is all about.” He urged employees to continue to make efforts to improve the theme park.

○ The Safety Theme Park remains committed to providing diverse, vivid experiences to citizens, and aims to establish itself as the nation’s leading experience center, starting with its most recent renovations.