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Daegu on a roll in attracting international conventions
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Daegu City said it won the right to host two international medical-related conferences next year, which would raise the city’s profile in the medicine industry and also build its expertise in the field of conventions.
Korea’s third-largest city won the bid to host next year’s International Conference on Neural Information Processing in Sydney, Australia, on Nov. 25, and then the next day in Hanoi, Vietnam, it was announced that it had won the bid to host another international medical conference.
Daegu was selected to host the International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP) in 2013 at the ICONIP 2010 that was held in Sydney from Nov. 22 to 25. It was given the majority of votes during the APNNA Government Board Meeting, which included representatives from 13 countries, including Korea, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Korea and Turkey had vied for the hosting rights.
The ICONIP is aimed at sharing research findings and holding discussions among researchers, scientists, and industry professionals in the field of neural networks and related fields. The conference, one of the most important of the major international conventions, is held every year in the Asia-Pacific region