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Visit Daegu Year 2011 homepage now open / "SMILE Daegu" campaign launched
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Daegu City officially opened its Visit Daegu Year 2011 homepage on Dec. 1, signaling its increased efforts to actively attract tourists.
The website – – is laced with bright and vibrant images and offers locals and tourists convenient and key tourism information, both in Korean and English.
Daegu City said it plans to this year add services in Japanese and Chinese. It hopes to provide local and foreign tourists with more useful comprehensive information about tourism in the Daegu region.
Korea’s third-largest city has set the target of attracting 2 million tourists from abroad for the 2011 Visit Daegu Year. To achieve this goal, the local government’s plan includes strengthening the marketing activities of the local and foreign travel industry members. With plans to also foster an atmosphere that encourages the support and participation of Daegu citizens, the government will launch the “SMILE DAEGU” campaign.
The “S” in the “SMILE DAEGU” slogan stands for “smile” to reflect a Daegu that is always smiling. The “M” stands for “mind” to show that the city is always ready to communicate with an open mind. The “I” stands for “impress” to illustrate the efforts of Daegu to impress people with its kindness. The “L” stands for “listen,” reinforcing the city’s utmost commitment to addressing the concerns of the people. Finally, the “E” stands for “eye contact” to represent the city’s commitment to keeping focused on the people.
By meeting all these promises, Daegu City said it aims to leave a positive impression on tourists and, thereby, make the city a destination that merits a second visit.
A key to realizing this vision will be boosting citizen participation in sharing their warmth with the tourists, Daegu City said.