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Daegu’s wedding product to be sold at Hong Kong Wedding Fair
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 Song World Wedding, a wedding agency in Hong Kong, developed wedding products in Daegu in June, and will promote and sell the product on the spot to would-be couples at the Hong Kong Wedding & Wedding Gifts Expo 2010 from July 16-18, 2010. 
○ Hong Kong Song World Wedding contacted Daegu City in March and conducted advance due diligence to gather information and develop wedding products in Daegu. The company visited wedding agencies in the city jointly with the municipal government and consulted with them to develop products.
○ The Hong Kong company completed promotional materials advertising the products in June, and placed ads in various Hong Kong magazines. It will sell the products at the site of “the Wedding & Wedding Gifts Expo 2010,” one of the larger wedding fairs held in Hong Kong, from July 16-18, working jointly with the Hong Kong branch of the Korea Tourism Organization.