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Daegu Metropolitan City operates u-2011 Athletic Road in earnest
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Daegu Metropolitan City began operating u-2011 Athletic Road from June 21 in earnest. u-2011 Athletic Road will be operated along a 2.4-km section linking the Sincheon river Dunchi, or terrace land, (Sangdonggyo bridge – Daebonggyo bridge) and the 2 km-long bank of Suseong lake, 24 hours a day throughout the year. On a first-come, first-served basis, the city is providing 4,500 tags free of charge to citizens, who can continue working out along u-Athletic Road at least once a week.   
○ u-2011 Athletic Road entails diverse services such as the measuring of athletic performance, including running and walking, the provision of athletic exercise records, emergency medical assistance call service (119), and measurement and management of health conditions and other health records; these will be accomplished by adopting ubiquitous technology to help create an environment conducive to the successful hosting of the 2011 event and to improve citizens’ health. 
○ When a citizen retains a tag as he or she walks or runs, the tag measures the distance traveled, duration of the workout, and calories burned. Also, people can monitor blood pressure, body fat and obesity by measuring their body fat at sites along the road or at a health center. Such information can be checked at the u-Media Board and homepage.
○ Citizens can obtain a tag as soon as they sign up for membership on the homepage. Even without a tag, citizen with a public transportation card (Daegu-Gyeongbuk) can easily check their exercise information anytime via the u-Media Board installed on the site.
○ The u-Media Board provides not only athletic information, but information on city administration, weather, guidance services at the site and the environment as well. Moreover, CCTV systems have been installed at the site to efficiently manage facilities. Notably, Sincheon river Dunchi (terrace land) has solar energy collection systems, a pollution–free, future green energy source, which operate lighting and equipment with electricity charged from solar cells at the site.
※ For more information, call ☎ 053) 803-3634, 3636,
or visit the homepage at: