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Solar City Daegu which leads in Low-Carbon, Green Growth
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Daegu is pursuing the establishment of green energy resource facilities, including a tower-type solar power plant(the first of its kind in the nation) and having a plan 'Solar City Daegu 2050'.
  It is moving into being a knowledge-based and taking a strong leaps towards global economic city in the 21st century through the Renewables Energy(Photovoltaic, Solar Water Heating, Solar Thermal Power Plant, Fuel Cell, Geothermal Energy, Waste Energy, Small Hydro, etc).
 "The first ISCI(International Solar Cities Initiative) Congress was held Nov 14~18 2004 in Daegu, and proved a tremendous success. The Congress achieved international press coverage including wide television coverage throughout Korea, China, and Japan.
  Over 500 experts, politicians and citizens took part in the opening ceremony. More than 1,000 delegates from 30 countries attended the Forums on 'Solar Cities for a Sustainable World'.
  It was their instigation that the DAEGU DECLATATION was drawn up and signed, expressing their resolve to increase Renewable Energy and strengthen solidarity among the cities.
  Participating cities included Sapporo, Goteborg, The Hague, Qingdao, Minneapolis, Oxford, Linz, Cape Town, Santa Monica, Adelaide, Barcelona, Portland, Beijing, Hangzhou, Gelsenkirchen, Kaohsiung, Freiburg, Gwangju & Daegu.
   Now, Daegu City will show you two types(LFG, Photovoltaic) of best practices of Renewable Energy sources and expect to have good contents in RE.

《Bangcheon-ri Landfill Gas, Daegu, Korea》

The  Bangcheon-ri Landfill Gas-to-Energy project, which cost 25 billion KRW has been in operation since 2006. The Bangcheon-ri Landfill Gas-to-Energy project was registered to the UN Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) as a CDM business. 225,919 tons of CERs that may provide around three million Euros from carbon emission reduction activities.

《Sewage Sincheon Offices Photovoltaic, Daegu, Korea》

This project was conducted to provide power to the sewage treatment facility. Annual electricity fee of 32 million Korean won per year can be saved through the project. And the reduction amount of CO2 compared to fossil fuels will be 80.71tc/MWh per year.