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Investment Project

Seongseo 5th Industrial Complex

  • Location : Secheon-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
  • Area :1,472,517㎡.
  • Resident business types : high-tech businesses, including machinery & metals, electrical & electronics, information & communications, etc.
  • Project Period: 2005~2009 (attracted resident companies in the second half of 2009).
  • Land use planning
    • Industrial facility site: 665,529㎡, residential site: 66,677㎡.
    • Support facility site: 125,889㎡; public facility site: 296,191㎡; green facility site: 318,233㎡.
  • Complex infrastructure
    • Water supply: 10,486 tons/day; waste disposal: 39 tons/day.
    • Power supply: 42,091KVA.
  • Why Seongseo 5th Industrial Complex?
    • Top industrial complex located in downtown Daegu.
      • Complete infrastructure located in the influential subway zone of Daegu Subway Line 2, which is 10km from the City Hall. Area includes electricity, water supply, logistics, public facilities, etc.
      • Pleasant and beautiful landscape surrounded by green fields and a river (Geumhogang River and Gungsan Mountain).
      • Convenient access to human resources due to a large-sized apartment area in Seongseo and long-run housing zones, etc
      • Outstanding settlement conditions with abundant cultural facilities, including the Daegu Cultural Center for Students, the Dalgubeol Welfare Center, the Dalseogu Cheomdan Cultural Center, etc.
      • Large-sized industrial complexes and educational and research facilities in the surrounding area.
      • Easy to establish a business network through a cluster of related industries, including Daegu’s largest complex, the Seongseo Industrial Complex (10,065,723㎡), being close by (3km), the Daegu New Technology Industry Support Center, the Mechatronics Parts Industrialization Center, and the Daegu Mechatronics & Materials Institute.
      • High-quality human resources turned out from many research facilities, including 22,000 students from Keimyung University and its affiliated research institutes for information and communications, industrial technology and nanomaterial processing.
    • Convenient transportation.
      • Within 10 minutes from the expressways (Gyeongbu, Jungang, Guma and 88) for logistical ease.
      • Advantageous for business activities because of being 15km from Daegu International Airport, East Daegu Station (KTX) and EXCO.
    • 30 minutes from the Gumi Inustrial Complex and one hour from Pohang, Ulsan and Busan New Ports.
Seongseo 5th Industrial Complex