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Budget Plans and Status

Investment in 2016

  • Making a strong Daegu by securing global competitiveness
  • Making a beautiful Daegu, where everyone wants to live
  • Making an elegant Daegu, where citizens feel proud
    ※ Strengthening the city’s competitiveness, eliminating citizens’ inconvenience, and increasing the cultural budget


  • The city’s total fiscal resources, including the budget and the fund, have increased by 12.8 percent from 2015 to KRW 7.222588 trillion.
  • The budget has increased by 11.5 percent from 2015 to KRW 6.887400 trillion. In particular, the city’s general account now amounts to KRW 5.142700 trillion, and the special account to KRW 1.744700 trillion.
  • The fund has reached a total of KRW 335.188 billion across 20 funds, including the Integrated Management Fund.