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21st Dongseongno Festival
400 year old governor’s ceremonial walk recreated in Dongseongno
In line with the kickoff of the Dongseongno Festival, Daegu Metropolitan City will hold a cultural event that seeks to recapture the inauguration parade of the Gyeongsang governor ...
Solar City Daegu which leads in Low-Carbon, Green Growth
Daegu is pursuing the establishment of green energy resource facilities, including a tower-type solar power plant(the first of its kind in the nation) and having a plan 'Solar City Daegu 2050'. ...
Daegu-Hong Kong Air Route Launched
Korean Air (KAL) launched and is selling chartered flights between Daegu and Hong Kong for the July 21~August 18 period this year to invigorate Daegu International Airport . ...
Daegu Inks Investment MOU With Intuitive Medi Corp
On May 26, Daegu City signed an MOU with Intuitive Medi Corp. at City Hall for inducement of the company's investment for R&D and production facilities ...
Prize-Winning Works at 20th Daegu Craft Fair Announced
'Gwagi (tableware) Set' of Limoge Gallery, CEO Song Jeung-Hae, won the Grand Prix in the metal crafts category at the 20th Daegu Craft Fair ...
Mobile Engineering Dept. to Be Established at KNU
Daegu City, Kyungpook National University (KNU) and Samsung Electronics decided to establish a Mobile Engineering Dept ...
Global TransporTech held at EXCO
In a time when the importance of quality control stands out more than ever in the wake of the mass recall by Toyota Motors...
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월드컵 경기장으로 갑시다 (Take me to the World Cup Stadium)
[woldeukeop gyeong-gijangeuro gapsida]
2010 World Firefighters Games
2010 World Firefighters Games
◈ Period: Aug 21~Aug 29, 2010 (9 days)
◈ Venue: Daegu Metropolitan City
2010 International Bodypainting Festival
2010 International Bodypainting Festival
A fantastic event of world's best bodypainting artists Congratulatory performances by top singers and a spectacular fireworks show...
Paris La Metisse
Paris La Metisse
◈ Date: July 13 ~ 25, 2010
◈ Venue: Daegu Culture and Arts Center Exhibition Hall 4
Vienna National Opera Ensemble
Vienna National Opera Ensemble
◈ Date: 7:30 pm July 7, 2010
◈ Venue:Suseong Artpia Yongji Hall
Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum
Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum
Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum is Korea's first bronzeware-specialized museum built to preserve the Bangjja Yugi...
Somakchang gui
Somakchang gui
Originating in the early 70s around the Daegu area, somakchang, which goes best as a soju side dish rather than a side dish for rice...
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